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The HEF awards general grants for programs consistent with the goals of the Foundation. The Foundation welcomes anyone interested in submitting a grant application and applicants should refer to the following guidelines.

Curriculum Innovation Grants

As a community foundation, HEF awards grants to encourage curriculum innovations that are district-wide and long lasting.  Our intent is that the programs we fund eventually be available to all Hillsborough public school children studying a particular subject that has been enhanced.  Thus, we would expect to see grant applications for single elementary school programs intended as pilot programs with the plan of implementing district-wide if the pilot is successful.  Similarly, grant applications for a single pod of Intermediate or Middle School students must also be viewed as a pilot with the plan to broaden the scope if initial implementation is successful.  At the High School level, the concept applies across subject area since not all students may take a particular subject.  For instance, in a grant to enhance the curriculum of Spanish I, we would like to see a plan to implement it to all students of Spanish I following successful trial within a smaller group.

Applicants may be individual teachers or groups of teachers, or education administrators. 

Grants for programs single-site or trial group implementation are limited to a maximum of $750.  Additional funds may be requested when the program intends to be implemented across schools or multiple groups.

The application deadline for 2010 Curriculum Innovations Grants is December 22.  Programs awarded grant funding may be implemented through December, 2011.

Please submit completed applications (located at the bottom of this page) electronically to Dr. Lisa Antunes, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum at

Questions may be directed to Susan Sturges Spagnola, HEF President at

Curriculum Innovation Grants

General Grants

Please structure your proposal to provide the information outlined below. In your own words, address the questions and issues posed in the outline. The questions reflect the general interests and concerns of grantmakers, but are not intended to be conclusive. Additional information pertinent to your project should be included. Please be thorough, yet strive for brevity. Although tightly written proposals are preferred, take the space you need to make your case. The application should be approximately 2 pages long.


While the Foundation endeavors to maintain a high degree of flexibility in program support, we observe the following limitations:
  • Grant requests may be made by organizations and/or individuals.
  • Grants must be for projects benefiting residents of Hillsborough.
  • High school senior scholarship and high school teacher grant requests are addressed through separate HEF programs not through the HEF General Grant program. (Separate forms are available from HEF.)
  • Due to the public nature of the HEF no support is extended for specific religious programs.
  • Review of applications will be held three times a year.  The HEF Executive Board reserves the right to review certain proposals on a priority basis.
Applications due: September 20, January 5, May 10

Letters of response sent: November 1, February 15, June 20

Cover Sheet

Grant application cover sheet should include:
  • Date of Application
  • Name of Organization/Individual Applying
  • Project Name
  • Purpose of Grant (summary)
  • Contact Person/Title
  • Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email


1. Organization information

  • Summarize your organization's history, mission and goals, future challenges, and long-range plans. 
  • Outline current activities and highlight accomplishments.

2. Purpose of grant

  • Describe the proposed program or project. 
  • Identify the needs/problems to be addressed
  • Identify the target population and number of people to be served by the project.
  • Describe the project goals and objectives, and your plan to meet them. 
  • Define the project as a new or continuing program. 
  • Identify other organizations, partners or funders participating in the project and their roles.
  • Provide a timetable for implementation. Include beginning and ending dates of the project.
  • If a similar program or service has been conducted by your organization or another, please discuss its impact. Does it represent an expansion or duplication of services in your area? If it doesn't, define its potential to serve as a model program locally or nationally.

3. Funding

  • Supply a detailed budget. 
  • Include campaign amount requested and total project cost.
  • Identify long-term funding resources.

4. Evaluation

  • Describe your plan to document progress and results. Final evaluation and expenditure reports will be required for every grant awarded. 
  • Set measurable goals for the program and specify your plans for evaluation.


Include two letters of support that substantiate need for the project and collaboration with other organizations.

Mailing Address

Applications should be sent to:

Hillsborough Education Foundation
P.O. Box 5642
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

(908) 500-6903

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